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Unit Chain of Command
Unit Chain of Command '16-'17

Commanding Officer: c/LCDR Julia Pizzuto
Executive Officer: c/LT Isabella Green
Operations Officer: c/LTJG Ariana Breest
Company Senior Chief: c/SCPO Michelle Deschanps


1st Platoon Commander: c/ENS Michael Daniel
Platoon Assistant : c/CPO William Gilmore
 Platoon Guidon Bearer: c/ SNA Rayvn Tolliver
2nd Platoon Commander: c/ENS Robert Johnson
 Platoon Assistant : c/CPO Sarah Beodeker
Platoon Guidon Bearer: c/ SN Rickira Scott
3rd Platoon Commander: c/ENS Gregg Grothmann
Platoon Assistant: c/CPO Jacob Nitti
Platoon Guidon Bearer: c/ SN Wilson Morales
Training Officer: c/ENS Bella Morocho
Training Chief: c/CPO Kamala Covert

Admin Officer: c/CPO Sara Beodeker
Admin Chief: c/CPO Bryan Cakir

Armory Officer: c/CPO William Gilmore
Armory Chief: c/PO2 James Hooper

Public Affairs Officer: c/CPO Geraldo Ramirez
Public Affairs Chief: c/CPO Kathleen Doherty 
Supply Officer: c/ENS Robert Johnson
Supply Chief: c/CPO Caitlin Moore

Drill Team Commander: c/ LCDR Julia Pizzuto
Assistant Drill Team Commander: c/ ENS Michael Daniel

Unarmed Platoon Commander: c/ LCDR Julia Pizzuto
Armed Platoon Commander: c/ ENS Michael Daniel
Drill Team Colorguard Commander: c/ ENS Robert Johnson
Ceremonial Colorguard Commander: c/ ENS Kevin Ruano
Academic Team Commander: c/CPO Jacob Gilmartin
Physical Fitness Team Commander: c/ SN Anthony Cracco
Personal Inspection Team Commander: c/ LT Isabella Green
Air Rifle Team Commander: c/ SN Samuel Saunders
Orienteering Team Commander: c/ SCPO Michelle Deschamps